First Tutoring Session

A Step Ahead

Carol Kramer

First Tutoring Session

For the first tutoring sessions I would like to meet with at least one parent and the student for about 10-20 minutes.  We will discuss background information, discuss the course for tutoring, strengths and weaknesses, discuss your expectations, discuss a schedule, and answer any questions you or the student may have.  After the initial meeting I will tutor the student for the rest of the hour.  It would help me if he or she brought a print out of his or her grade and his or her class materials.

During the tutoring session you are welcome to stay and read a book or magazine.  There are also two grocery stores, shops in Monument, and restaurants around if you would like to run errands.  Many parents drop off their son or daughter and then run errands for the hour.  Students, of age, are also welcome to drive themselves, of course!

Some background on Carol Kramer: I have taught in public schools for over 10 years (middle and high school).  I have worked as a tutor and in the field of education for 17 years.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Math and a Master’s of Education degree in Gifted and Talented Education.  I have taught math in Alaska, in Alabama, and in Colorado.   I have taught very basic math up through Pre-calculus.  I have tutored math, science, language arts, and other subjects as students need help.   I started tutoring during the 2005-2006 school year instead of teaching, to be home with my children.  I have three children.  Tutoring allows me to stay with them and still teach- which I love! I always arrange for someone to watch the children when I tutor so I can give my full attention to the student.

I am currently also teaching online math courses with Colorado Community Colleges.

If there is anything you wish to let me know about, please feel free to email me at any time.

Thank you for your interest in possibly using me as a tutor.  I appreciate your involvement and your concerns for your son or daughter’s education.